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Does a Law Firm's Culture Matter?

- Candace K. Beinecke, Chair

We believe it is important for us, as a firm, to state who we are and what we see as our role.

  • We practice only in areas where we can add value.
  • We put our clients ahead of the firm and the firm ahead of ourselves.
  • Our goal is always to do more than is expected of us.
  • We like each other. We feel lucky to be practicing with each other. We support each other, and we don't let each other down.
  • We know whom we're recommending to clients and we want to keep it that way.
  • Our sandbox skills are well-developed; we play well with others.
  • We do best with clients who want to team up with a law firm.
  • We're confident. We don't have to make anyone else look bad to make ourselves look good.
  • We like to work hard and we like hard work. Our clients don't hire us to do what's easy.
  • We've always had a commitment to things larger than our own pocketbooks - like diversity and pro bono legal work - which have enriched us and our approach.
"The Top Tier"
While Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP has a distinguished history dating back to 1888, the firm is recognized as part of the "new elite" among "the profession's top tier," according to an annual survey by The American Lawyer magazine.
With offices in New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Miami, Jersey City, Kansas City, Paris and Tokyo, Hughes Hubbard offers expertise in a wide range of practice areas. Our team of experienced practitioners work in over 30 specialized practices, from mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, corporate reorganization, real estate and cross-border transactions to securities litigation, arbitration, product liability, antitrust, intellectual property, labor, employee benefits and tax, as well as niche practices such as art law and a credit card practice.
From our early roots in the courtroom, Hughes Hubbard has developed a litigation practice that is among the most lauded in the country.  A Survey in the International Financial Law Review identified several of our partners as "stars" in the field of international litigation and noted that our "results have been excellent."  Our arbitration practice was recognized that same year by International Commercial Litigation magazine both for its volume (first among U.S. law firms in number of cases handled) and scope (first among American firms in number of industries represented). The American Lawyer and Chambers Global have both cited the firm as being in the forefront of international arbitration work.
Our corporate practice is diverse and extensive.  It handles everything from M&A, corporate governance, and joint ventures to capital markets, private equity, equipment finance and banking.  Clients range from leading Fortune 500 corporations to privately held companies to venture capital firms and private equity funds.  They operate in many industries, such as manufacturing, transportation, financial institutions, pharmaceuticals, high technology, media, publishing, telecommunications and more.  The breadth of our expertise enables us to provide high-quality, high-value work and handle large projects affordably.
A distinguishing characteristic of Hughes Hubbard has long been its emphasis on providing superior, individualized client service.  Every attorney in the firm understands that the practice of law requires extensive knowledge, outstanding skills and unwavering responsiveness.  At a time when most Wall Street firms were focused only on securities work, our founder Charles Evans Hughes (the future Governor, Secretary of State and Chief Justice) decided at the turn of the century that the firm should meet all of its clients' legal needs. In particular, Hughes insisted that the firm's lawyers "stand up" for their clients in court.  As a result, we not only built a prominent litigation practice; we built long-term, loyal relationships with many of our clients, some of them enduring for more than half a century.
Hughes Hubbard's goal has always been the same:  To do everything it can in support of its clients.  At the same time, the firm has steadfastly fulfilled its obligation to be a Good Citizen within the larger community in which its lawyers practice.  The firm has outstanding diversity scores and consistently receives high marks for its pro bono activities.  Hughes Hubbard truly is, as The American Lawyer observed, one of America's Top Law Firms.

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