February 20, 2020 — Hughes Hubbard counsel Dina Hoffer has been appointed chair of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) Antitrust Section Coordinated Conduct Committee for the year 2020.

The NYSBA Antitrust Section is one of the most active and respected professional antitrust communities in the country. The committee helps connect antitrust practitioners, and serves as a resource for them to keep current on recent developments. It holds periodic meetings, events and CLEs, where members share ideas and get valuable training and insight for their practice. Recent topics and areas of interest include resale price maintenance, most-favored-nations clauses, franchising, and hub-and-spoke conspiracies.

Hoffer previously served as the young lawyer representative for the American Bar Association Antitrust Section Compliance and Ethics Committee in 2018-2019, and as vice chair of the NYSBA Antitrust Section Coordinated Conduct Committee, also in 2018-2019.