Hughes Hubbard assisted the TED organization in launching an online initiative on behalf of 2011 TED prize winner and street artist “JR,” who is using the site to create a large-scale, participatory gallery showcasing portraits from around the globe.

As the latest TED honoree, JR received $100,000 and backing from the TED community to fulfill a wish of his “that will change the world.” His dream project, entitled “Inside Out,” is an offering aimed at “transforming messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work.”

Everyone is invited to upload pictures of their faces to the “Inside Out” website. JR, who is identified by his initials and prefers to remain anonymous, will convert some of these photos into large, black and white posters and ship them around the globe to the senders of the photographs. Recipients are encouraged to display their posters in a public space, creating an international gallery that will eventually be documented and displayed online. The high-profile project has garnered much attention all over the world, including extensive coverage from The New York Times. Over 2,000 photos have already been uploaded to the website.

The firm took a major role in helping to devise the project’s online portal. Work included conducting a legal compliance review of the site and drafting the privacy policy and terms of service documentation. The project was particularly challenging due to the unprecedented, global nature of the site.

The New York-based TED, an HHR client since 2009, is a nonprofit organization originally dedicated to sharing innovative ideas about technology, entertainment and design. TED has since expanded its reach and is known for its annual conferences featuring live streaming of the dynamic talks given by participants. Former TED prize winners include U2 lead singer Bono and former President Bill Clinton.

Matt Syrkin, Dan Schnapp and Damon Rowe assisted TED with the launch of the project, and the team continues to work with the organization as the project unfolds.