December 24, 2018 – On December 24, Dean Pinkert appeared on CNBC to discuss trade talks between the U.S. and China amid a 90-day truce in their contentious trade war.

U.S. trade talks with China have been ongoing since Presidents Trump and Xi Jinping agreed in early December to stop further tariffs and hold negotiations for a new overall trade agreement. They set a deadline of March 1, after which new tariffs would go into effect if no agreement is reached.

During the Dec. 24 segment, Pinkert said the trade talks represented an opportunity for U.S. negotiators to make progress on the structural issues that Washington has raised with China.

"On the trade front, I think there's a clear path forward and progress is being made," Pinkert said. "I think China has demonstrated, at least in its statements to date, it's interested in making structural reforms, in terms of intellectual property, market access and empowering the consumer in China, which will benefit both sides."

Pinkert added, "In order to have real reform, we have to have enforceable commitments by China. We're not going to resolve everything in the next 60 days. But there can be substantial progress. There can be a framework that's agreed to by the countries and we can have a sense of where things are going."

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