January 10, 2019 – On January 10, Dean Pinkert appeared on Fox Business Network to discuss U.S.-China trade talks amid a 90-day truce that leaders of both countries reached in early December.

Pinkert was interviewed by Stuart Varney, host of Varney & Co., the highest-rated market program on television. The segment followed reports of progress in the latest round of trade negotiations between midlevel officials that could lead to high-level talks and ultimately, a trade deal.

"It's going to take some time," Pinkert said, "but I think that once they get through this initial stage, talking about Chinese purchases of U.S. goods, they're going to tackle the structural issues, including intellectual property and forced technology transfer, and they're going to have a mechanism for making sure that China meets its commitments."

Asked whether the U.S. will get that kind of deal, Pinkert said, "We will eventually. Right now, they're making incremental progress. The tone is good. We've seen that just in the quiet and constructive tone that both countries are maintaining in these discussions. There's going to be a move up to a higher level of participants, and we'll just have to watch to see what happens between now and March 1."

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