August 7, 2020 - Ryan Fayhee, Tyler Grove and Jon Zygielbaum co-authored an article for WorldECR magazine that examines the money laundering and sanctions risks inherent in the high-end art market.

The article, entitled "The art of compliance: Addressing anti-money laundering and sanctions risk exposure in the art market," was published in the magazine's August edition. The article discusses best practices for those seeking to protect the integrity of the art market and meet expanding regulatory requirements.

"The high-end art market, designed to protect the legitimate privacy interests of buyers and sellers, is unfortunately also an attractive sector to those seeking to conceal ill-gotten gains or evade economic sanctions," they wrote.

"Gallerists and dealers are facing the ever-present risk that money launderers and sanctions evaders will try to coopt their operations for their own illicit purposes, coupled with an increase in regulations and enforcement from authorities trying to stem the abuse of this marketplace."