Kevin Abikoff is featured in articles on and in Compliance Week for being the first-ever external compliance monitor jointly appointed by US and UK authorities. He has been retained by specialty chemical manufacturer Innospec Inc.

As reported in, “Abikoff believes he and his firm are out in front of the next big thing in the world of corporate compliance: joint, international monitorships. ‘We’re always looking for the next new and interesting thing, and this fits the bill,’ he said. According to Abikoff, as other countries begin to flex their muscle in foreign bribery cases, transnational monitorships could be the wave of the future. ‘If I were forced to forecast, I’d be surprised if it didn’t happen [with greater frequency],’ Abikoff said.”

As reported in the article, “Abikoff is required to submit a work plan to all three agencies as well as at least three reports on Innospec’s compliance efforts. Abikoff said he also expects regular informal conversations with each agency . . . To a certain extent this is uncharted water that will be navigated as time passes. When asked if he is daunted by the thought of answering to three unique bureaucracies, Abikoff said he viewed it as an opportunity. ‘I am excited and invigorated by the prospect of doing something that nobody has done before,’ Abikoff said.”