June 2021 – Parker Taylor was quoted by daily business and tech newsletter The Hustle in an article on why some cryptocurrency investors struggle to plan for the afterlife of their digital assets. 

The article noted that unlike traditional bank accounts, digital assets like Bitcoin and non-fungible tokens don’t have a central regulatory authority. As a result, crypto investors maintain their own assets using digital wallets that are only accessible via a password or a private key, without which there is little hope of heirs ever accessing a dead loved one’s crypto holdings. Some investors, however, don’t feel comfortable sharing private keys with anyone – even family members and loved ones.

Taylor explained why there is some validity to these fears. “To put private keys on a USB, or a piece of paper and pass it on — that’s fraught with potential issues,” he said. “There’s no oversight from a court or a 3rd party like you have with a bank. What if you give access to a beneficiary and they just walk off with all the crypto? What if your lawyer or trustee changes? There are all sorts of things that can happen.” Read the full article here.