November 18, 2021 — Ryan Fayhee has been selected for inclusion in Financier Worldwide’s “Power Players: International Trade & Sanctions 2021 Distinguished Advisers,” a list featuring the leading practitioners in the industry. 

In a Q&A profile, Fayhee explained how his team is committed to providing outstanding client service including timely, quality legal advice. 
“As sanctions continue to be the ‘go-to’ foreign policy and national security tool used to target a broad array of extraterritorial conduct in a diverse set of industries across the globe, multinational clients are very sophisticated and understand both the risks and the opportunities,” he said. 
“Beyond the investigations and enforcement matters in which I specialize, it is essential that our team understands, in detail, our key clients’ business processes, sales and distribution networks, and the product offerings themselves. That situates us to give informed practical advice to enable investments in compliance tailored to priority risk areas.”
Fayhee also discussed upcoming trends and developments in the U.S.-China trade market.
"The U.S. trade relationship with China continues to present the most disruption in markets and, today, accounts for the most significant risks our clients face. In particular, the U.S. has leveraged its Entity List and related authorities in increasingly novel ways to restrict access to software and technology of U.S. origin to dismantle the Chinese military-industrial complex."
Read the full profile here.