October 2022 - Stefan Naumann wrote about the current state of luxury branded NFTs in the still-developing metaverse for Law360.

In the article, entitled “NFT Sales Tactics That Protect Brands As Metaverse Evolves,” Naumann lays out best practices, and pitfalls, for brands looking to sell virtual products in the metaverse, an integrated digital realm that, he points out, “for now, at least… does not exist.”

“While the metaverse is evolving quickly,” he continues, “at this stage the value of virtual branded products – or even digital artwork – sold with an NFT depends on whether consumers can use them in one, several or all virtual environments.”

Naumann goes on to cover the current difficulties in fulfilling the initial promise of the metaverse and NFTs, and to explain the limits that companies must put on any property rights conferred by the ownership of virtual products.