Amanda DeBusk was interviewed by The Wall Street Journal about her recent appointment to the State Department Advisory Sanctions Subcommittee.

The interview, which was published March 12, 2012 in the newspaper’s “Corruption Currents” blog, focused largely on Iran. DeBusk told the newspaper that the federal government is using the US markets and the financial services industry as an enforcement mechanism. “It’s an incredibly unique enforcement tool, and a testament to the importance of the US financial system.”

Asked to give her impression of the new sanctions effort against Iran, DeBusk said she gives the administration “a lot of credit. They’re flexible, and they’re giving themselves a lot of options. There are so many different points of leverage, there are a lot of different buttons they can push.”

DeBusk said the committee, which has met once since she joined, is also taking a look at Burma and Syria. “Cuba has been talked about too, but no one is expecting anything in an election year.”

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