Cross-Border Disputes & Arbitration Hughes Hubbard continues to be a top firm for arbitration and cross-border cases. Our lawyers recently obtained complete victories in complex arbitrations for Mystique Brands against a French cognac distiller, for Global Gaming Asset Management in Singapore’s highest court and for FaZe Clan in a rare pre-hearing Rule 33 victory. The firm also worked with the government of Denmark in reaching settlements in a U.S. court regarding an international tax-refund scam, and served as independent monitor for companies sanctioned by the World Bank.

Confirmation of Arbitral Award for Mystique

The firm served up a decisive victory for U.S. liquor importer Mystique Brands when a New York federal judge confirmed a nearly $2 million arbitration award of attorney fees against French cognac distiller Cognac Ferrand SAS. 

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Victory for Casino Operator in Singapore Court

In a conclusive triumph, HHR brought good fortune to Global Gaming Asset Management when Singapore’s highest court upheld a final arbitration award of $296 million issued in 2019 to the Las Vegas-based casino operator in its decade-long dispute with a premier gaming resort owner in the Philippines.

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Rare Summary Arbitration Award for Global Esports Company

HHR scored a complete arbitration victory for FaZe Clan when an ICDR arbitrator issued a partial final award dismissing all claims by two venture firms seeking compensation for introducing the esports company to an investment broker. The award marked a rare pre-hearing victory on a Rule 33 dispositive motion. Five days later, the claimants sought to vacate the decision, but the arbitrator rejected their application on procedural grounds.

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Delivering Finishing Touch for Phillips Auctioneers

In a decisive victory for longtime client Phillips Auctioneers, Hughes Hubbard defeated a lawsuit brought by a China-based art collector alleging that the international auction house breached the parties’ settlement agreement.

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SKAT Settles Claims With Pension Plan

The firm assisted the government of Denmark in reaching settlements with a U.S. pension plan as part of an ongoing effort to recover $2.1 billion stolen in an international tax-refund scam. In January 2021, U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan approved dismissal of the Danish Tax Agency’s dispute with Tveter LLC Pension Plan and its representative, Christopher Nowell. The Danish Tax Agency, or Skatteforvaltningen (SKAT), announced in a one-page filing that it would drop its claims against the two for allegedly applying for at least $470,000 in tax refunds for shares in Danish companies that they didn’t own.

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Independent Monitor for a $130 Billion Company Sanctioned by the World Bank for Fraud

HHR is serving as the appointed independent monitor for a $130 billion company sanctioned by the World Bank for fraud in 2019. HHR assessed the company’s efforts to establish an integrity compliance program through its 700+ subsidiaries and more than 100,000 employees. 

Compliance Monitor for a State-Owned Engineering Company

HHR is also serving as the independent compliance monitor for a state-owned engineering company sanctioned by the World Bank for fraud in 2020. In this role, the HHR team is focusing on the company’s efforts to improve its bidding controls and meet its other obligations under a settlement agreement with the World Bank.

Arbitration Win for Pharmaceutical Company

Hughes Hubbard achieved complete victory on behalf of a European pharmaceutical company in an International Centre for Dispute Resolution arbitration arising out of a joint development and collaboration agreement concerning a multi-billion-dollar drug sold worldwide.

Establishment of the Epstein Victims’ Compensation Program

The firm represented one of the co-executors of the Estate of Jeffrey Epstein in the design and implementation of a widely heralded victim compensation fund operating across the U.S. Virgin Islands, France and the mainstream U.S.  The Epstein Victims’ Compensation Program permitted sexual abuse victims of Mr. Epstein to participate in a voluntary, confidential, non-adversarial alternative to litigation. The program, which distributed over $120 million to victims, was designed to provide compensation to victims in a manner sensitive to their experiences and concerns while treating them with compassion, dignity and respect.