Hughes Hubbard is an environment that supports and rewards excellence, honesty, mutual support, and fair dealing. We are a community where people are treated well and accomplish extraordinary results. Every day presents a new opportunity to work together with people you like and respect while building and refining your skills.  We believe a strong firm is a place where you can accomplish great things while having a great time, with others who want the same.

There are substantive growth opportunities for team members, and we do this through time-honored observing and conversing. We recognize what needs to be done and who is good at doing it. We also listen to find out your interests, and how you see your career unfolding.

There is rarely a boring day, much less a boring project. Our team is consistently and fully engaged. You will be, too.

The Hughes Institute

The Hughes Institute is the firm’s training program for first year associates.  The week-long program includes in-depth trainings, team building exercises, informative lectures and informal meetings where associates learn about what it means to be a Hughes Hubbard lawyer, meet with fellow classmates and new colleagues and prepare for life at HHR. 

Why Us? This is not just a job. It's a career.

Our work requires you to stretch your brain, and your skills.

We are known for partnering with our clients and each other.

Our strong practice areas compete at the highest levels.

We value the ability to know our colleagues and their families.

We are committed to diversity and pro bono work.

“Every young [person] should aim at independence and should prepare [themselves] for a vocation; above all ... should so manage life that the steps of progress are taken without improper aids; that calls no one master, that does not win or deserve the reputation of being a tool of others, and that if called to public service may assume its duties with the satisfaction of knowing that [they are] free to rise to the height of opportunity.” Charles Evans Hughes, Founder