April 24, 2024 - Kevin Carroll spoke with several media outlets including NBC, CNN, Politico and The Associated Press about the U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee’s recent finding that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) botched its response to reports of sexual assault and harassment inside the agency.

According to the House committee’s investigation, victims of assault and harassment were forced to navigate a process marked by “confusion and disorder.” Carroll told NBC that the report vindicated his client and other female employees who raised concerns over the issue. Carroll continued, “This investigative report and the legislation it spurred have their origin in the bravery of a young female trainee with the integrity to speak truth to power at the cost of her own CIA career to try and prevent other agency women from suffering as she did.”

After interviewing more than two dozen whistleblowers behind closed doors and reviewing more than 4,000 pages of records, the House Intelligence Committee concluded that the CIA “failed to handle allegations of sexual assault and harassment within its workforce in the professional and uniform manner that such sensitive allegations warrant.”

Carroll represents the first woman to come forward to the Committee alleging that the CIA is mishandled its response to sexual assault and harassment in its workforce. Hughes Hubbard also represents this victim in pursuing Privacy Act and Civil Rights Act claims against the CIA, and in her assailant’s criminal proceedings, the first such case involving agency officers as complainant and defendant.