September, 2023 - HHR assisted pro bono client Veterinary Cannabis Society with its first legal newsletter. The firm’s work entailed legal research on new and pending state laws that cover the use of cannabinoids in treating pets and drafting the newsletter.

The legislation covered in the newsletter included Minnesota’s new state law allowing the use of hemp-derived cannabinoids on animals; Maryland’s Cannabis Reform Act, which excludes the use of medical marijuana on domestic pets; and Kentucky’s new state law, which allows the use of medicinal cannabis on humans and animals. The newsletter also covered Ohio’s pending bill that would create a cannabis regulatory agency within the Ohio Department of Commerce to oversee the licensing of cannabis cultivators, processors, dispensaries and testing laboratories

HHR also wrote a piece on California’s new state law AB 1885, which allows cannabis products intended for use on animals to be accessed in licensed dispensaries if they adhere to the state’s cannabis regulations, and relevant manufacturing, packaging and labeling standards. This law was the “Quarterly Focus” of the newsletter; the piece discussed in depth the provisions of the law and how it affects existing cannabis legislation in California.

VCS’s members, who are mostly veterinarians, scholars and interested pet owners, received this newsletter on July 11. The organization has asked HHR to assist them with the next issue.

Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, VCS is a nonprofit that works to ensure the safe use of cannabis in treating pets through veterinary education, advocacy and promoting product standards.

The HHR team was Dan Weiner and former associate Clara Cassan.