February 9, 2018 — Hughes Hubbard assisted in the formation of Major Minor Global Youth Forum Inc., a not-for-profit organization intended to assist young artists through youth-led panel discussions revolving around youth literature, artwork and films made for and by them, advancing discourse about global and social subjects that directly affect them.
With HHR's assistance, Major Minor received an IRS determination letter in October 2017 confirming its status as a 501(c)(3) organization in just under three months. HHR continues to advise Major Minor with respect to IP issues and the regulation of charitable fundraising and related issues.
Headquartered in Harlem, Major Minor was founded by Tracy Grant, who has worked as a freelance television producer and formerly served as executive director of the Harlem International Film Festival. Major Minor intends to "educate, stimulate, inform and bond both local and global youth artists using youth-led panel discussions about youth literature, artworks and film" and encourages such artists to become leaders in the world at large.
Shane Stroud leads the HHR team, which includes Patrice Jean, Philip Treesh, Justin Cohen and Jeffrey Ng.