January 15, 2021 – The firm was honored at the 2020 American Lawyer Industry Awards for its representation of Airbus in its historic settlement to successfully resolve bribery and corruption allegations.

The annual event celebrates the most impressive work being done across the legal industry and the lawyers making it happen. The American Lawyer revealed the winners at a virtual version of the ceremony on Jan. 14.

HHR and several other firms were awarded “Best Provider Collaboration” for creating a virtual law firm that resolved a record-setting, multijurisdictional corruption case for France-based Airbus that addressed conduct in 16 different countries.

The case marked the first time authorities from the U.S., France and the U.K. coordinated their investigations and subsequent resolutions. All three jurisdictions recognized the importance of the internal due diligence review, the enhancement of Airbus’ internal compliance measures and remedial actions taken as critical factors supporting the resolution.

HHR’s internal investigation spanned five years and provided Airbus with crucial insight into the scope of the alleged misconduct. The investigation was also instrumental in the robust enhancement of compliance measures in response to the compliance risks identified.

The firm also won a Global Investigations Review GIR award in October for “Most Important Development in the Practice or Law of International Investigations” in recognition of this matter.

Kevin Abikoff and Michael Huneke led the HHR team.