July 3, 2018 — Hughes Hubbard was recognized as one of the best firms for minority attorneys in Law360's 2018 Diversity Snapshot.

According to a June 17 article, Hughes Hubbard was ranked No. 14 among firms with 150 to 299 lawyers. "The top firms in each size category boast diversity levels of at least 22 percent of all attorneys at the firm and more diverse nonpartner ranks, developing workforces that at least are beginning to reflect the diversity of U.S. law schools," the article said.

To be eligible for the ranking, firms with 150 to 299 attorneys had to report at least an average representation of 12.8 percent minority attorneys; 17.6 percent minority nonpartners; 8.2 percent minority partners; and 7.1 percent minority equity partners.

The firm also made one of the biggest leaps up the rankings in The American Lawyer's 2018 Diversity Scorecard, with 21.3 percent of its attorneys and 11 percent of its partners identifying as minorities.

Diane Lifton, Aviva Wernick, Patrice Jean and Meaghan Gragg are the co-chairs of the firm's Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, which was restructured three years ago to expand its outreach and increase its visibility. The Committee's renewed mission has been aided by its four re-established affinity groups: The Asian Attorney Affinity Group (chaired by Mei Li Zhen), the Black Attorney Affinity Group (co-chaired by Ashley Hodges and Brittney Cox), the Latino Attorney Affinity Group (co-chaired by Sara Echenique and Julie Amadeo) and the LGBTQ Attorney Affinity Group (co-chaired by Danny Nuzzaci and Meaghan Gragg).