January 10, 2017 - Rueben Diaz was interviewed by LexLatin.

From Ruben Diaz’s office in Downtown Miami there’s a clear view of the causeway that replaces the horizon in Biscayne Bay and connects mainland with Virginia Key. Although he just moved in on September 1st when he joined the firm of Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP, Ruben knows the neighborhood pretty well. He points at the building across the street and explains that he worked there for several years with Steel, Hector & Davis, and then, in the same tower, at Ernst & Young. “If I had drilled a hole through the floor at my Steel Hector office, you’d see my office at EY,” he jokes.

But he didn’t always live in Miami. Ruben Diaz came from Cuba at the age of 10 with his mother. Like so many other immigrant young men in New York, he understood that his success would depend on his ability to choose a career that would make him an employable candidate in the competitive American jobs market.

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