July 2023 - In a recent two-part Westlaw Today article, Hughes Hubbard Partners Michael Huneke and Jan Dunin-Wasowicz shed light on key ideas and challenges faced by companies and professionals in the evolving landscape of trade sanctions and anti-corruption compliance.

"Companies are on the front lines of fighting attempts by counterparties to evade anti-corruption laws, export controls, and economic sanctions," they write. "The legal regimes for fighting international corruption, controlling exports, and complying with international economic sanctions remain [] extremely technical, dynamic, and structurally different." However, they converge in recent guidance that rejects the sufficiency of merely screening for sanctions and so-called "check-the-box" compliance. 

To further discuss the nuances and challenges of modern enforcement and compliances practices, Huneke and Dunin-Wasowicz join Tom Fox on the latest All Things Investigations podcast to discuss their article and provide practice guidance for companies navigating these complex regulatory landscapes. 

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