Ignatius Grande was the subject of a Q&A published on Aug. 14 by Commercial Litigation Insider on the growing role of social media in litigation.

Grande was asked about:

  • Common pitfalls companies should avoid when it comes to social media (such as not including social media pages in their litigation-hold policy and proceeding with litigation without mining their adversary’s publicly available social media pages)
  • The importance of companies maintaining a social media presence 
    • Social media has become a key method of communication for corporations and provides opportunities to connect to customers, shareholders and employees in ways that were never before possible.
    • A recent survey found that 94 percent of all businesses with a marketing department used social media as a part of their marketing platform.
  • Tips for expanding social media presence responsibly.

In answer to the last question, Grande said, "If a company or firm wants to be successful on social media, they need to provide posts on a regular basis that are of value to their followers and interact with their follower in different ways to keep them engaged. Interaction includes Twitter direct messaging, re-tweeting posts or commenting on a LinkedIn post. Also it’s important that social media accounts not go dormant or followers and connections may be lost."

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