Dan Schnapp spoke at the DCIA's inaugural P2P and Cloud Media Summit in Santa Monica on May 6th. The summit was held in conjunction with Digital Hollywood, one of the premier entertainment and technology industry conferences. Dan was part of a panel entitled "Global Perspective – Changing Rules for P2P and Cloud Computing", which discussed the key laws and regulations that P2P and cloud computing software developers and distributors need to comply with, the changes taking place in the regulatory environment affecting P2P and cloud-computing technologies, the impact of recent actions and rulings and other issues in the legal and policy arenas that might foster investment and commercial development of P2P and cloud computing. More information on registration is available on the DCIA's website. On a related note, the video from the DCIA's March 9 conference has been posted.  At that conference, Dan participated in a  panel discussing the various business models utilized by P2P and cloud computing providers, including ad-supported, subscription, paid download and other innovative strategies.