November 6, 2020 — Partner Ken Lefkowitz appeared on the latest episode of "Drinks With The Deal" podcast to discuss his 37-year career as an M&A lawyer at Hughes Hubbard.

The Oct. 30 episode noted that Lefkowitz has advised companies ranging from Jet Capital Corp. to Grab, Southeast Asia's largest mobile technology company. Lefkowitz told podcast host David Marcus that his work for businessman Frank Lorenzo 1970s and 1980s airline takeover vehicle helped lead to deals for Grab.

“The most fun thing about my practice is that it's so international. It's so diverse and every day it's something different," he said. “I could be on the phone with clients in India, Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, Germany and around the country. Getting to know those people is one of the things I miss the most in the pandemic that we can longer go out and fly around the world and hang out with clients. Because that's how you build relationships and how they get to know you."

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