Seven Hughes Hubbard attorneys, including five for the first time, received the 2013 Pro Bono Publico Award for outstanding services to the Legal Aid Society and its clients.

Reuben Borman, Sarah Cave, Tom Furst, Jennifer Hecht, Sigrid Jernudd, Chuck Samuelson and Michael Traube were recognized at a ceremony on Oct. 29 at The Prince George Ballroom in Manhattan. New York Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman presided over the event and presented the awards. 
For the third year in a row, Borman and Cave were honored for their role as co-counsel with the Juvenile Rights Practice in Rivera v. Mattingly, a federal lawsuit challenging the unlawful removal of children from their kinship foster family and excessive delays in returning them home.
Hecht and Jernudd were recognized for their work on a parole appeal for a female inmate who was denied early release because she had not completed a drug rehabilitation program that she was prohibited from participating in due to her pregnancy. The client, who struggles with a drug addiction, has been incarcerated at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility since November 2012, a month after she was first imprisoned for aggravated DWI. Her daughter was born in March, the same month she was denied parole. Her appeal is pending.
Samuelson, Furst and Traube were honored for their work with the Seven Stories Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting literacy in poor communities (mainly the Washington Heights section of New York), distributing low-cost or free books and helping with reading workshops.