November 3, 2021 — Dan Weiner was featured in The AmLaw Litigation Daily for leading an HHR trial team that won a groundbreaking jury verdict for a former Wall Street executive facing a class action in an alleged multimillion-dollar cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme.

On Nov. 1, a federal jury in Hartford, Conn., unanimously found in favor of Stuart Fraser, the sole remaining defendant in the case who was a minority investor in two now-defunct cryptocurrency mining companies. The nine-person jury determined that four separate cryptocurrency-related assets – Hashlets, Hashstakers, Hashpoints and PayCoin – were not securities, and found that Fraser had not aided and abetted the underlying fraud.

Weiner told the publication that had jurors found that the underlying assets were securities, they would have then proceeded to the question of whether Fraser acted as a control person for the companies, which he had also invested in, losing $12 million. “What kind of criminal mastermind behind the scenes loses $12 million?” Weiner said.

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