Feb. 10, 2023 – Diego Durán de la Vega was interviewed in Tribunales, a magazine published by Bolivian newspapers Correo del Sur and El Potosi, about the firm’s representation and sweeping victory for pro bono client Brisa De Angulo Losada in a sexual abuse case that lasted 13 years.

"I share with you the message we shared with Brisa and the team the day we learned the content of the judgment, that thanks to her courage and that of her family in advancing this process forward for more than twenty years, the world today is better than it was yesterday," Durán de la Vega told the magazine. "This struggle of suffering, loss and effort concluded in a judgment that establishes clear lines as to the standards that must be implemented in Bolivia, the region, and the world and it is unprecedented with respect to cases of sexual violence suffered by children and adolescents."

Read the interview in Spanish and English.