July 26, 2019 — The firm maintained a strong showing in the annual diversity surveys of The American Lawyer and Law360.

HHR continued to climb AmLaw's rankings, after rising 33 spots to No. 41 the previous year. In AmLaw's 2019 Diversity Scorecard, published in the magazine's June edition, HHR ascended another five spots to No. 36, with 24 percent of its attorneys and 11.4 percent of its partners identifying as minorities.

AmLaw's Diversity Scorecard records the average number of full-time minority attorneys -- Asian-American, African-American, Latino or Hispanic, Native American and self-described multiracial attorneys -- at AmLaw 200 and National Law Journal 250 law firms in 2018.

In Law360's 2019 Diversity Snapshot, published July 7, HHR was ranked No. 15 among firms with 150 to 299 lawyers, one spot lower than the previous year. To be eligible for the ranking, firms in this category had to report at least an average representation of 12.6 percent minority attorneys; 17.6 percent minority nonpartners; 8.2 percent minority partners; and 7.2 percent minority equity partners.

Diane Lifton, Patrice Jean, Aviva Wernick and Meaghan Gragg are the co-chairs of the firm's Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. The Committee is supported by its affinity groups: The Asian Attorney Affinity Group (chaired by Mei Li Zhen), the Black Attorney Affinity Group (co-chaired by Ashley Hodges and Ose Okoruwa), the LatinX Attorney Affinity Group (chaired by Olivia Bensinger), the LGBTQ Attorney Affinity Group (co-chaired by Gragg and Danny Nuzzaci) and the Interfaith Attorney Affinity Group (co-chaired by Jean, Michael Traube and Shams Billah).