February 22, 2022 – Hughes Hubbard earned a complete victory for Bumble when the New York Supreme Court granted the dating app over $360,000 in attorney’s fees and costs from a lawsuit Bumble brought against restaurant company L&L NY 5 Inc. over a failed sublease.

In October 2021, Justice Arlene Bluth ruled that Bumble was within its rights to terminate a commercial real estate sublease it signed with L&L, after L&L failed to obtain the landlord's approval of the sublease within a reasonable time. Justice Bluth granted summary judgment to Bumble on all claims and counterclaims and ordered L&L to return all sums that Bumble paid to secure the sublease, plus interest. Because Bumble was the prevailing party in the litigation, Justice Bluth allowed it to file a motion to recover its attorneys’ fees and costs pursuant to a provision in the parties’ sublease agreement.

On Jan. 27, following a four-hour hearing, Justice Bluth fully granted Bumble’s motion, awarding it $363,568.64 in legal fees and associated costs and disbursements.

Fara Tabatabai, who leads the HHR team, argued at the hearing and testified in narrative form for Bumble. She was singled out for praise by Justice Bluth.

“I will put in the record that Ms. Tabatabai impressed the Court with her knowledge and efficiency,” the justice wrote in her decision. “It was proven to the Court that the hours spent were reasonable and necessary in this litigation.” Justice Bluth went on to describe HHR’s work on the case as “top notch” and found that Bumble received “terrific value” for its legal fees, particularly in light of HHR’s “complete victory” in the litigation.

In addition to Tabatabai, the HHR team also includes Dan Weiner and paralegal Vienna Roche.