July 19, 2021 – Five HHR associates were selected to join the New York City Bar Association’s 2021 Associate Leadership Institute LITE (ALI LITE) program.

On June 24, Grace Ha, Carolyn Harbus, Erin Pamukcu, Justin Taylor and Tiauna Mathieu received formal notification of their acceptance into NYC Bar’s fifth annual ALI LITE, which brings together more than 80 junior associates from the Bar’s signatory law firms for intensive professional development training and networking.

The ALI LITE faculty includes leadership from affiliate organizations and initiatives such as the Metropolitan Black Bar Association and Lawyers for Empowerment and the Advancement of Diversity.

This year’s program comprises five weekly virtual sessions, each spanning two hours. The sessions cover the following topics: The What, Why and How of Sponsorship and Mentorship; Soliciting and Leveraging Feedback; Next Level Leadership and Management Skills; Best Practices in Understanding the Business of Law; and Networking with Authenticity.

The program culminates in a closing ceremony on Aug. 3.

ALI LITE – run by NYC Bar’s Office for Diversity & Inclusion – was selected as a recipient of the 2018 American Bar Association Partnership Awards, which honor bar association projects directed at increasing the advancement of lawyers of color as well as other underrepresented constituents.

Marc Weinstein, Patrice Jean, Meaghan Gragg, Fara Tabatabai and Shahzeb Lari served as partner mentors to the chosen HHR associates.