Hughes Hubbard has been selected by the BPCE group, the second-largest bank in France, to assist in corporate and litigation matters for two years commencing July 1, 2014.
BPCE, like many other large corporations in France, is now limiting the law firms that may assist or represent the bank and its affiliates. Early this year, BPCE contacted Hughes Hubbard to file an application to be retained.
On July 30, BPCE informed Henry that it had selected Hughes Hubbard to represent the bank in banking, finance and insurance matters as well as commercial litigation, arbitration and white-collar crime cases.

According to the bank, Hughes Hubbard's prior work for BPCE gave the firm an edge in the selection process. Among others, Hughes Hubbard defended Caisse d'Epargne (CELDA), a regional savings bank affiliated with BPCE, against allegations that it provided misleading advertising in relation to marketing an investment fund called Doubl'Ô. In 2012 and 2014, Hughes Hubbard won landmark decisions for several of BPCE's affiliates before the Financial Markets Authority, the French counterpart to the Securities and Exchange Commission, and before the Conseil d'Etat, the French Supreme Court for administrative matters that rules on appeals from decisions of the Financial Markets Authority in certain matters.
In addition to Henry, Ludmilla Balandine, Mathilde Pardoux and Marie-Agnès Nicolas will be representing BPCE.