July 6, 2023 -  Hughes Hubbard announced that Jan Dunin-Wasowicz and Sean Reilly will lead its Sanctions, Export Controls & Anti‑Money Laundering Practice group. Based in the Paris office, Jan will supervise matters principally related to European Union sanctions while Sean will oversee matters principally related to the U.S. from the Washington D.C. office, offering a fully integrated platform for trade matters. Sean and Jan will work hand in hand to ensure there is alignment and collaboration between the Paris and Washington offices.

 “As trade sanctions and export controls now more commonly require Investigations attorneys as well as Regulatory attorneys, we believe it appropriate the leadership of the group include individuals who possess not only regulatory expertise but also a background in investigations,” Ted Mayer, Hughes Hubbard Chair, said.

Sean Reilly, a veteran of the U.S. Commerce Department where he focused on sanctions and export control policy, brings decades of experience in a broad range of international trade and investigative matters, including deep background in the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  Jan Dunin-Wasowicz, who is admitted to practice in France and the U.S. and is fluent in four languages, leads our thriving pan-European Union sanctions and export controls practice and has a deep investigative background and experience. 

Kevin Abikoff, co-chair of the Anti-Corruption & Internal Investigations Practice group, said, “We are looking forward to working ever more closely with the trade sanctions and export control team as part of the growing convergence of the investigations and trade practices.”