June 2023 - Remy Gerbay co-authored a blog post for the Kluwer Arbitration Blog titled “Reforming Substantive Investment Law: How Should We Do It?” with Simon Batifort and Belén Ibañez of Curtis Mallet. The post summarizes the key takeaways from a panel discussion held at the American Society of International Law’s 2023 annual meeting. The event featured Donald McRae, Ladan Mehranvar, Amaia Rivas Kortazar and Sylvie Tabet.

The discussion explored how international investment law may be reformed. The contentious topic traces its roots back to the unsuccessful negotiations on a Multilateral Agreement on Investment in the 1990s and continues with the ongoing discussions at UNCITRAL working Group III on the reform of investor-state dispute settlement. The panelists focused on methods that could be adopted for the substantive reform of international investment law, drawing inspiration from approaches to international lawmaking followed in various contexts.

Read the post here: “Reforming Substantive Investment Law: How Should We Do It?”