October 2022 - HHR assisted CI&T, a Brazil-based information technology and software development company, in its acquisition of NTERSOL, a software engineering and development company geared toward financial services.

The deal was announced on Oct. 14. HHR also worked on the financing for the acquisition, which came by way of loans from Citibank and HSBC.

The acquisition of NTERSOL brings to CI&T more than 170 U.S.-based digital specialists, including several seasoned veterans, a core team of developers, and many product and business strategists. In addition to bolstering CI&T’s financial services capabilities, the acquisition is also the company’s first in the U.S.

“The world’s most innovative financial institutions partner with CI&T to build digital experiences, co-create business strategies and implement superior customer-centric user experiences,” said Leo Mattiazzi, partner and executive vice president of CI&T.

Founded in 1995, CI&T is a global digital specialist operating in nine countries on five continents, with its headquarters in Campinas, Brazil. The company provides strategy, data science, design and engineering solutions to improve customer experience and drive operational efficiency.

Headquartered in California, NTERSOL provides custom software to banks, lenders and financial institutions, allowing those institutions to improve customer experiences, combat inefficiencies and drive revenue.

Carlos Lobo led the team with key support from Andy Braiterman, Charlie Wachsstock, Gary Simon, M. Shams Billah and Mariana Veiga. The team also included Robert Bell, Rita Haeusler, Amina Hassan, Tyler Grove, James Klaiber, Carol Remy, Victor Boccardo, Andrea Castro-Mendivil, Justin Cohen, Ryan Corn, Raquel Gonoretzky, Jiayin Liao, Kristin Millay, Cassandra Postighone, Taylor Skaggs, Jennifer Suh and Ernesto Lappe.