January 12, 2022 - Please click to download the PDF version of the Litigation Wrap: Fourth Quarter 2022.

HHR Wins Groundbreaking Jury Verdict in Crypto Fraud Trial

Dan Weiner, Marc Weinstein and Amina Hassan won a groundbreaking jury verdict for a former Wall Street executive defending against a class action over an alleged multimillion-dollar cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme. Press reports described the victory as the first case in the country in which a jury determined whether cryptocurrency-related products constituted “securities” under federal and state law.

HHR Helps AAA Block Uber’s Bid to Cancel $10M Arbitration Bill

In an important victory for firm client American Arbitration Association (AAA), Dan Weiner and John Townsend helped secure denial of Uber’s motion for a preliminary injunction seeking to suspend AAA’s $10 million invoice to the ride-hailing giant for administrative costs associated with 7,771 consumer arbitration cases.

HHR Defends Former Mayor Against Allegations of Favoritism

Félix de Belloy won an acquittal for Michel Moly, the former mayor
of Collioure, France, in his trial over allegations of favoritism and misappropriation of public funds that supposedly took place near the end of his 25 years in office.

HHR Wins Dismissal of Breach-of-Trust Suit Against Ross School

Dan Weiner and Eric Blumenfeld achieved complete victory on behalf of an East Hampton private school when a New York State judge dismissed a $10 million lawsuit brought against it by a billionaire NYC real estate developer and his 17-year-old son, who alleged the son was bullied by teachers during a field trip to South America in March 2020.

HHR Wins Ruling for Syracuse Mountains in PDVSA Bond Case

Michael DeBernardis scored a crucial victory for Syracuse Mountains Corporation after defeating a motion to dismiss a breach-of-contract lawsuit against Venezuelan state-owned oil and gas company Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. brought by Syracuse over defaulted principaland interest payments on $376 million worth of bonds.

HHR Hits It Big for Casino Operator in Singapore Court

In a conclusive triumph, Dan Weiner, Hagit Elul and Meaghan Gragg brought good fortune to Global Gaming Asset Management when Singapore’s highest court upheld a final arbitration award of $296 million issued in 2019 to the Las Vegas-based casino operator in its decade-long dispute with a premier gaming resort owner in the Philippines.

HHR Achieves Rare Release of OFAC-blocked Funds for LatAm Client

Diego Durán de la Vega and Ryan Fayhee provided counsel to a LatAm client throughout its successful two-year quest to unblock $2.94 million in funds from a key account.

HHR Affirms Dismissal of Disability Discrimination Suit

Robb Patryk and Amina Hassan obtained an appellate victory for American University of Antigua and Manipal Education Americas when the Second Circuit upheld a New York federal court ruling dismissing a disability discrimination suit brought by a medical student over her academic dismissal.

HHR Wins Appeal for BMI and Spanish Broadcasting System

Jim Fitzpatrick obtained affirmance of an award of attorney fees for Broadcast Music, Inc. and Spanish Broadcasting System before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.